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Sunday, July 23

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Sunday, July 23
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Event: AGPA Teleconference: On the Frontlines of Trauma: CBTRT - Part I

On the Frontlines of Trauma: Contemplative Based Trauma and Resiliency Training (CBTRT) - Part I
Gaea Logan, LPC-S, CGP, FAGPA

This innovative training prepares participants to better understand, treat, and prevent PTSD. CBTRT is an evidence-based protocol that offers a mind/body/brain perspective on trauma at the intersection of neuroscience, group psychotherapy, and contemplative science and training in mindfulness-based strategies for self-regulation. Part I will explore key concepts in the neurobiology of trauma, the brain's emergency circuitry, and the neuroscience research as it relates to mindfulness-based practices.

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