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June 10 - June 16

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Sunday, June 10
Time: 8:00pm - 9:30pm
Event: AGPA Webinar: Marketing for the Group Therapist (Part II)

AGPA Webinar: Marketing for the Group Therapist: Building Your Social Media Network- Part II

Part I: The Theory of Marketing One’s PracticePart- June 3, 2018- 8-9:30PM (Eastern), 7-8:30PM (Central), 6-7:30PM (Mountain), 5-6:30PM (Pacific)

Part II: The Application of On-line Marketing for the Group Therapist- June 10, 2018- 8-9:30PM (Eastern), 7-8:30PM (Central), 6-7:30PM (Mountain), 5-6:30PM (Pacific)

Marc Azoulay, MA, LPC, LAC, CGP

In this workshop, group therapists will learn how to effectively market their groups using three on-line applications (crowdfire, hoot suite, and social jukebox) via an automated system. The session will also focus on understanding the ethical guidelines for group therapists when marketing on social media and the management of the therapist's emotional reactions to marketing including the fear of visibility, low self-esteem, and the anticipation of being overwhelmed.

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