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August 18 - August 24

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Sunday, August 18
Time: 3:00pm - 9:15pm
Location: Hawaiian Islands GPS
Event: Oahu Institute: Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable Feelings

Oahu Institute with RONNIE LEVINE, PhD, ABPP, FAGPA, CGP presenting "Becoming Comfortable with Uncomfortable Feelings." Issues concerning identity, cultural diversity and trauma can arouse difficult feelings. This workshop is designed to help therapists /group leaders understand and work more comfortably with uncomfortable feelings. We will explore how love, hate, fear and shame can be difficult both for the group members and the therapist. The workshop will study how we as a group can become more effective in working with these feelings. We will begin with the leader’s and the group member’s reluctance to have these feelings, examining what the obstacles communicate from various perspectives. In order to be effective with working with feelings generated in the group, we group leaders need to be comfortable with feelings: our own and our group members’.  The group leader needs to be sufficiently comfortable with their own feelings in order to be emotionally available for addressing the group members’ feelings of love, hate, shame and vulnerability and all that surrounds them. There are 10 openings for a 2-day Institute with a combination of experiential & didactic group process. 11.5 CEUs. If interested in attending or for more information, please contact:  Robin Spencer  •   808-741-0745  

Time: 9:00pm - 10:00pm
Event: ASA Zoom Support Call

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