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Sunday, October 24

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Sunday, October 24
Time: 2:00pm - 4:45pm
Location: Zoom
Event: Great Lakes GPS: Encounter: Supporting Respectful Boundaries and Intimate Communication - A Glimpse into the World of Gestalt Therapy presented by Bruce Aaron, MSW, LCSW, CGP

Encounter: Supporting Respectful Boundaries and Intimate Communication - A Glimpse into the World of Gestalt Therapy

This workshop is designed to present the Encounter Process, a simple communication tool whereby the speaker shares their experience in a four-step process that directly conveys their experience of the other in a respectful, non-projective manner. Although its usefulness in group therapy will be a focus of the workshop, its value in the general clinical realm as well as in the personal arena will also be highlighted.

"The Little Prince" says that words are the source of misunderstandings. Of course putting our needs into words is often key to getting them met. Still, it seems to me the fewer words we use, the clearer our messages come across. More fundamentally, forming concise statements not only accurately represents ourselves to others, it actually facilitates clarity in the speaker. That is to say skillful communication is fundamental to refining our sense of ourselves, i.e., it sharpens our boundaries. These skills are invaluable in intimate situations where satisfaction isn't generated solely by attaining a concrete and external aim; rather enrichment of the intimate relationship becomes an end in itself.

Learning Objectives

The attendee will be able to:
-identify when inviting clients to utilize "encounter statements" might be helpful
-name the four components of "encounter" statements
-distinguish between outer, middle, and inner zones of awareness

This event offers participants an opportunity to learn through their own experience in a group. This type of work is experiential and may feel emotionally intense at times, which can be both exciting and thought-provoking.


Sunday, October 24, 2021

1:00 - 3:45 p.m.

Virtual Event Via Zoom

2.5 CEUs available upon completion of the workshop

Aaron Bruce

Bruce Aaron, MSW, LCSW, CGP

Meet Our Speaker

Bruce Aaron, MSW, LCSW, CGP

Bruce Aaron has been practicing Gestalt Therapy for the past 31 years. His interest in groups stems from a perspective that our self-concepts arise through repeated interactions in a social field, making groups an ideal setting in which to reorganize such beliefs. He is in private practice in Chicago where he works with individuals and offers three weekly therapy groups. He authored an audio series entitled Gestalt Training: The Psychology of Self-Regulating Success (Nightengale-Conant) and an article entitled "Coming Out as Life-Long Practice", (Gestalt Review, 2004). After chairing the Program and Training Committee of the Great Lakes Group Psychotherapy Society for 15 years, Bruce now serves as the Society's President.

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